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The "Shocking" Sales Strategy of Saying THANKS!
by Sales Diva, Kim Duke


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A "Secret" note for Business Owners and Sales Managers

The "Shocking" Sales Strategy of Saying THANKS!

by Kim Duke

I would like you to begin thinking of mailboxes in a new way. Contrary to popular belief – it isn’t a symbol of an inept postal service. In fact- it is one of the Best ways to communicate with your customers. And I am not talking about sales flyers either!

Are You Saying Thank-You To Your Customers?

Here is one of the shocking basics of selling.

If you don’t THANK YOUR CUSTOMERS for choosing you – you are average – perhaps even less than average.

I want you to consider the thousands of dollars you have spent in the last month. Mortgages, car payments, groceries, advertising, marketing – and yet – I would bet a Diva Dollar that very few – IF ANY – thank you cards have hit your mailbox.

Saying Thank-You Is Being Respectful

Remember – your customers have options. They could have chosen someone else. They could have waited and done nothing at all. Instead – they chose you.

So what have you done to thank them?

Here is a Diva Rule – E-mails Don’t Count!

Why? Simply – they are boring. And if you look in the Sales Diva Dictionary under the word BORING, you will find this phrase: Losing Money.

I Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Getting Fun-Mail – Don’t You?

I don’t know about you – but I will open a personal card with handwriting much faster than I would open a bill. Your customers feel the same way!

Point to Ponder:

"The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation."
Peter Marshall

Five Sales Diva Rules of Saying Thanks:

1. Show attention to detail. Send a personal thank you note in the mail within 7 days of receiving business from a customer.

2. Don’t send a cheesy corporate card. Instead – find something that represents your customer!

3. Handwriting Rules. If you slap a cursory “Thanks for your business” and signature – you are wasting a stamp. Write a short note directly to the person as well.

4. Don’t Pre-Write The Card. As tempting as it may be to pre-write cards – don’t do it. It will come across as vague and “canned”.

5. Thank ANYONE that helps you. If someone gives you a lead, a phone number, some Free Advice – anything that makes your life a little easier – pop a card into the mail saying Thank You!

Don’t let another week go by without thanking your customers as well as the many people that help you. We all remember those who are appreciative of our business and help – and we quickly forget those who don’t. Where do you want to be?

Copyright© 2005 Kim Duke, Used with permission

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