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Frequently Asked Questions

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Secret Selling Tips Creator

Bob is a charismatic, confident motivational sales, employee, leadership, business and association keynote speaker. He is an inspirational leadership, sales success and sales management corporate trainer who has worked with a wide range of clients.

He works with sales leaders and their teams, retailers, professional associations, corporations, franchise groups, educational or service groups, entrepreneurs, crown corporations and leading edge individuals and leaders who are open to be challenged to grow, to be more creative, productive, and to leave their comfort zones.

Using personal stories, humorous, based on rich experience, he challenges his audiences to engage his Ideas At Work! - to ACT on what they hear. He gives them clear, easily used building blocks and proven techniques to increase their effectiveness and to hone specific skills critical to succeed personally and professionally.

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Table of Contents

What does Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey speak about?

Bob's focus in speaking is to help his audiences equip and motivate themselves to grow and to win. Sales managers and their teams have successfully seen his innovative Ideas At Work! Bob is a creative catalyst and idea farmer who invests his creative efforts in assisting his audience in setting their sights higher and provides easily used building blocks, tips, techniques and thoughts to help them reach them.

Bob is a charismatic, confident motivational sales, employee, leadership, business and association keynote speaker. He is an inspirational leadership, sales success and sales management corporate trainer who has worked with a wide range of clients: sales teams, retailers, professional associations, corporations, franchise groups, educational or service groups, entrepreneurs, crown corporations and leading edge individuals and leaders who are open to be challenged to grow, to be more creative, productive, and to leave their comfort zones.

Using personal stories, humorous, based on rich experience, he challenges his audiences to engage his Ideas At Work! - to ACT on what they hear. He gives them clear, easily used building blocks and proven techniques to increase their effectiveness and to hone specific skills critical to succeed personally and professionally.

By involving them fully in the process, Bob works to engage the audience, to share laughter, challenge their minds, touch their hearts and to learn together.

In addition to his profitable selling success programs, his motivational keynotes and creative programs cover a wide range of topic depth focused on helping sales professionals, leaders and other professionals become more productive and balanced. He delves into: Sales and leadership development, Time Management, Success, Customer Service, Handling adversity, Change and goal setting, Creativity, innovative problem-solving and strategic planning, Business planning and promotion, Secret Selling Tips and Staff training, coaching issues, Powerful presentations, communication skills, Listening skills…`and more, to help his readers, clients and their audiences succeed.

Bob works with his clients to "customer-ize" or design interactive training series, motivational keynotes and engaging concurrent sales enhancing programs, drawing from his expertise and experience, and in the delivery of those programs.

Call us at 1-888-848-8407 (Client Toll Free – North America) to discuss your specific dates and group needs.

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Does Bob customize his presentations?

YES! As mentioned earlier, that is one of the major reasons Bob has been so successful in building his business, by referrals, over the years. Many speakers and sales success trainers claim that say they customize; but for some less professional ones, that means they script or drop in the name of your organization and the location (...if this is Tuesday, I must be in Chicago or NYC) and charge you extra just to pronounce it right.

Bob goes the extra mile to make his sessions memorable, motivational and value-added for both you and your audience. He is committed to helping you and your sales team grow and win in the selling game. His personal commitment is to make you and your event planning team, look good. Bob's been complimented on numerous occasions for acting as though he was a full member of the conference committee or a member of the leadership team. Bob's commitment is to be a successful partner in your event. He will do what ever he can to help you and your planning team succeed.

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Here's how Bob normally undertakes his customizing:

1) Conduct computer searches of your industry, your company and your competition. The advent of the internet has allowed Bob to bring some amazing creative ideas and value to his presentations and audiences. Bob is the Canadian ‘Idea Man’ and loves to share creative ideas and best practices with his audiences and readership;

2) When possible, conduct advance phone interviews with audience members, your leadership, your event planning team and industry leaders (sometimes incorporate their quotes into color visuals and/or handout materials as well as his comments.) Bob can work with you in creating a short survey to give you both better direction as he prepares his remarks.

3) Review your trade and industry print and e-publications; (You’ll need to send some for review). Perhaps, Bob can remind your audience of some of the tips, techniques and success stories they have forgotten or were too busy to read?

4) "Mystery shop" your retail establishments, whenever if appropriate. For example Feb. (2006) Bob keynoted in Cancun for a national Canadian Tire Chain. Prior to flying to Mexico, he dropped in on their dealers in Alberta, BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia during his other travels. This allowed him to personally meet some of the leaders/owners/sales teams who would be in his audience and gleaned some personal success stories to share with their colleagues.

5) You get value-added learning guides and handout materials that reflect and support your meeting theme. Bob can create a ‘secret – just for your event attendees’ webpage with electronic copy of his learning guides and material, as well as additional resources for your audience. This allows you to reinforce your message and give on-going value to your team. Bob can also create a series of short, follow up or teaser articles for this purpose.

6) Create advance, teaser copy (before the event) and articles that support your theme and create additional interest in your event and my session. For example, one of his groups recently did this. To Bob's dismay, they ended up with substantially over ½ of the conference audience in his breakout session (1 of 4 being held at the same time.) He ended up with standing room only and the organizers were scrambling to get additional handouts for those in attendance. Guess it worked, too well?

7) Titles and subjects are customized to your event. Bob is not locked into using specific topic titles. He gives them names as suggestions to assist you in your planning. Over the years he has been very creative in blending or personalizing his titles to support his clients across North America.

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How long are Bobís programs?

Bob's professional presentation will be designed to fit your available time from 30 minutes to several days. He is experienced, professional and flexible enough to adapt when his segment needs to be cut or expanded unexpectedly. Bob will do whatever to accommodate your needs.

For example, he was able to slice and dice time on a motivational sales program in San Francisco to get the meeting back on track, (from 75 min to 35 min) for which the meeting planner was overjoyed.

Bob customizes and tailors his programs for your group’s needs, as defined in our pre-program discussions, questionnaire and survey.

• Keynotes or general sessions normally run from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, but can go to 90 minutes with smaller groups to allow for audience interaction.

• Keynotes are best kept to 45-60 minutes for maximum punch, audience attention and comfort needs.

• Conference breakouts or concurrent can run 45 min to 90 min. In some instances they can run up to 2 hours, if scheduled correctly.

• Seminars and workshops can run half-day (up to 3.25 hrs) or full-day (up to 6.5 hrs) presentations and training sessions.

In many cases, your sessions may require spaced repetition or reinforcement over several days or months. In this case, we will work with you to design and implement a presentation or training schedule that meets your organizational needs and budget.

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How can Bob effectively address so many types of groups?

Over the years, Bob has worked in, consulted with and spoken to a wide range of audiences from a diverse collection of industries and fields, including the volunteer and professional association sectors. He also has a wide range of sales experience from retail to service based focus.

The fact that Bob has researched and addressed such a wide range of audiences (more than he cares to count) is a big part of his on-going value to your team and organization. He understands some of the pressures and challenges facing sales teams today and brings his personal experience and expertise to the platform to help them succeed.

Every group is different and has unique stories and connections. Bob has found that we face many similar sales and customer service challenges. In his areas of expertise, he brings the best practices and portable ideas of 'what works' and research from other industries to your group.

Now, based just north-east of Edmonton, Alberta; Bob brings a fresh, unique Canadian perspective and Alberta entrepreneurial view of what you do and what you can provide for your existing clientele.

Often, Bob hears, “Why didn’t I think of that?” in response to an idea or an area of opportunity not presently being explored or utilized. Bob brings solid value to his programs and the wider the net of experience and creative ideas he can share, the better for you and your team.

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How far ahead should we schedule or book our speakers?

A word of wisdom. In booking a presenter -- the farther out you can lock in a date the better chance you have of getting the presenter you really want, who will design and deliver the program you need for your group. You may even get a better price, if you lock a speaker a bit further. Visit our Successful Meetings Meeting Planner Resource website for more information.

Some speakers charge more for last minute fill-ins or bookings to offset the rush in preparation of both material and program… more so if you customize, as Bob does for each client. Bob sometimes has dates available within a couple of months, but is often booked 6 months to a year or more in advance.

Bob limits the amount of dates he accepts each year, including his fee-donated, reduced or non-profit ones.

For example, he sets aside time to present for 3 Toastmaster events each year, 2 CAPS Chapter events and a maximum of 2-4 NKBA Chapter events. Practicing what he preaches, in creating a flexible balance in his life!

As a presenter, our real inventory is our knowledge, which is sold or allocated to blank dates on a calendar. When booked, that date becomes yours. Bob will be glad to fill in for a last minute cancellation, if his schedule permits.

Call now to explore how to put Canadian motivational, business and association keynote speaker, inspirational leadership, sales and management trainer, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey and his innovative Ideas At Work! for your company, convention or association event.

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How does Bob handle the business details?

Our commitment is to professionally serve you and your team and to be an active part in helping you succeed. Bob and his staff will handle all the details of your event in a professional and timely manner. Every effort will be made to keep necessary expenses and on-site equipment needs to a bare minimum.

You will never have any alcohol or extravagant expenses of any kind charged to your master account. Whenever possible, AIRFARE WILL BE PRORATED FAIRLY between clients. You will find we are always courteous and very accessible. NO ‘super star,’ ATTITUDES are allowed… we are here to serve you and Bob won't let us ever forget it!

Please call when you are ready to plan your next great event. Use our North American, client toll free number (1-888-848-8407) when you are ready.

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How much does Bob charge?

Bob has a published fee schedule for keynote, breakout/concurrent sessions, up to half day and full day rates. Each December or January, he sets and locks in his fees for the subsequent year. In addition, he can work out special pricing for spaced repetition, if your situation is applicable to that format. Call us for a quote for your event today.

Keep in mind the value of your speaker is often less than you would invest for a drink or dessert for each of your participants. Protect your conference investment – leverage your sales training dollars. Invest with a professional like Bob.

If you are planning a sales conference, why not plan to fully use Bob’s services and only pay one travel fee and accommodation fee? This can save you from having to hire several presenters. You can have him do a motivational keynote, or interactive breakout, an executive training or debriefing, moderate a panel, MC a lunch or awards banquet, or a combination of several activities on the same day. Other than a possible small fee for additional materials and preparation, Bob is pleased to offer this extended service to assist you and your team keep your expenses in line.

Recently Bob did a Secret Selling Tips program in Waukesha, WI and was able to help the client by splitting the sales force into two sessions. He also had a private round table session with their sales managers and store managers.

Details for any additional costs such as: pre-meeting briefings, research, extensive creation of customized training materials (Bob provides customized handout masters at no additional charge for his motivational keynotes), or post meetings, bulk orders of publications, custom design or consulting service fees are available. Call us at 1-888-848-8407 for details.

Note: Retainer of 50% of agreed speaking fee is to be sent with signed Letter of Request to lock in date. Balance and any other agreed fees (unless otherwise agreed) will be payable 7 days prior to engagement to make it easier for both parties. Incidentals (as applicable) will be invoiced within two weeks of successful engagement date, or if known in advance, included in a second invoice.

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How does Bob handle expenses related to his presentations?

In addition to speaking fees, there is a modest $60 per diem (where applicable) to offset non-event included meals, etc. Incidentals (such as airport departure fees, shuttles, taxi’s etc, are limited to a maximum of $100 per engagement, unless otherwise agreed.) Mileage, as applicable, is .44/KM.

Having been an event planner and an active consultant to the meetings industry, Bob pro-actively works with his clients to keep travel expenses to a minimum. Wherever possible he will travel coach fare discounted by clients sharing. If his schedule permits, he will travel to accommodate Saturday or multiple nights to maximize travel discount. Often, even after picking up additional night’s accommodation and per diem you (client) can save substantially on airfares.

For example, on a trip to PEI for SUBWAY™, he saved his client over $800 (even after client coverage of meals and two additional nights.) In another example, Bob was able to save a New Jersey client close to $1000 by stopping over in Toronto (staying with friends) for the weekend, en route.

Note: Airfares will be booked by Bob’s agent at best available price; with the understanding (unless a last minute fill-in) that client will reimburse Ideas At Work! immediately on receipt of invoice - prior to Bob flying to your engagement.

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Does Bob ever give discounts or reduce his fees?

Other than a last minute booking (less than 30 days), we sometimes extend a 2% discount when the client pays our fee 'in full' at the time of booking. We also offer special pricing for multiple days, and series engagements. Ask how you can leverage and reinforce your training dollars by booking multiple events.

For example, in the fall of 2003, Bob created and conducted a 3-part (monthly) leadership training series, “Prepare Yourself to WIN!” for one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies’ President and VP Group. They went on to break the billion dollar retail sales mark the following year and .

Many NSA and CAPS speakers claim they don’t give discounts – that is not really accurate. Many of us do in specific cases – often we find ways to creatively work with our clients or groups we would like to help, who do not have the normal fees to engage us.

We work with you by tapping or leveraging your education budget, helping you in finding sponsorships or working out a trade off for fees. If it is a non-profit registered charity or church group, in working with you to do a joint fundraiser with a split fee. Ask us how we can help you afford to engage Bob for your group.

For example, Bob has been sponsored to speak at National Kitchen and Bath Chapter events, November (2004) where UPS sponsored him at a CT. Association of Realtors™ Leadership Summit in Groton, or more recently where NAPA sponsorship enabled him to speak for OK Tire in Cancun (Feb. 2006).

Bob has occasionally worked out special arrangements when the engagement was in a location he wanted to visit – such as Cancun, San Diego, Phoenix, or Hawaii during the October through May period. Bob travels as needed, but is especially open to going somewhere warm during the winter months. After all, it does get a bit cool, during those months, where he has his creative offices in Northern Alberta.

You might get a deal if Bob can visit his family and friends, or visit a CAPS or NSA Chapter en route or in your destination. Call and see if you are in one of Bob’s target destination cities.

For example, Bob has been booked to present in sunspots on numerous occasions in winter months, and in each case the client got bonus value-added services as a token of Bob's appreciation for the warmth. He will be speaking in Cancun again in Feb. (06) and is doing a motivational keynote with a bonus (value-added) interactive session following lunch for a national Canadian Tire Chain.

If you are planning something in a warm location during the winter months – Bob (looking for a tan) Hooey, is always interested.

Bob believes in tithing his time, by sharing his ideas with Charitable and Church groups, whose aims are in alignment with his own values. In doing this, he offers a limited number of fee-reduced, sponsored, or subsidized engagements each year to groups he supports. Call if you feel your group or event fits these criteria.

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How can we maximize our value by engaging Bob?

Some creative ideas come to mind, depending on timing, travel schedules and budget.

• Run several teaser, mini-articles in your organization’s newsletter or e-zine before Bob speaks to create interest and excitement.

• Run several mini-articles after Bob speaks to reinforce his Ideas At Work!

• Have your head person or leaders personally invite potential attendees to check out our website prior to Bob speaking. This helps Bob build an advance bond with the audiences, as they get to know him a bit better before he arrives. (It is a bit of fun, when people come up and say, ‘Hi, Bob!” and he hasn’t met them yet.)

• Arrange for Bob to do phone in radio interviews with your local stations prior to his presentation. He can also do print interviews, in advance of his arrival.

• If time permits, schedule a live radio or TV interview when Bob arrives.

• If you have engaged Bob for the full day, why not have him speak on your behalf at a local charity group, high school or community association. Time permitting he would be glad to do so.

For example, on a trip to Whitehorse on behalf of the Yukon government Bob was also able to speak at a local college and visit a high school to engage the senior high population. He was also able to stay over to speak to the Alaska/Yukon Toastmasters at their convention on the weekend.

• Consider using Bob as a part of a panel of experts during his visit, or conduct a second presentation to help save on airfare and accommodation costs.

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Do you really guarantee your work?

As a Professional CAPS and IFPS member, and as a National member of the Canadian Society for Training and Development, Bob stands behind his work. We offer a written guarantee to back up our work and our agreed results. If you give Bob a group that is awake, sober and somewhat happy to be there, you will get a top-notch, effective presentation every time. He will also assist you in room set-up, timing and logistical parameters to optimize his presentation.

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What kind of humor does Bob use?

As a Professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the International Federation for Professional Speakers, Bob is committed to use only humor and stories appropriate for his audiences. He is conversational in his style and his humor reflects that style.

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What is this Accredited Speaker designation?

Toastmasters International recognized a need to challenge and recognize those members whose speaking abilities and professionalism are of the highest caliber. In 1981, they initiated the professional level, Accredited Speaker designation with stringent qualifications and a challenging two-tiered judging process. Each fall, qualified Toastmasters from around the world are invited to submit audition tapes, which are juried by an international panel of judges.

If the speaker is deemed good enough in the first round of judging, they are invited to present a live presentation at the world conference in front of a live audience and a panel of five judges. Only, if 4 out of 5 judges concur, does the successful applicant receive the award.

In 1995, Bob was one of only 5 speakers world-wide invited to present in San Diego, California. In 1996, one of only two world-wide invited to speak in St. Louis, Mo.

In 1998, in Palm Dessert, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey, DTM, PDG walked across the World Stage and was inducted into their Hall of Fame, as the 48th Accredited Speaker in Toastmasters 75 year history.

2200 plus cheering Toastmasters shared that moment with Bob – a highlight of his speaking career to that time. Bob remains the last person to receive this highest speaking honor and the last Accredited Speaker for the 20th Century. There were no successful speakers inducted in 1999 or 2000. The next successful inductees were in 2001.

To date (2007): there are only 57 Accredited Speakers world-wide, and just 7 of them are from Canada.

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What is this CKD-E designation?

Bob is along time professional member and professionalism advocate of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and continues to serve as a teaching professional with their in-house speaker’s bureau. He earned accreditation as one of 75 Canadian professional designers, as a Certified Kitchen Designer, in 1993.

After a number of years away from active design, Bob retired his designation in 2004 and was awarded the Certified Kitchen Designer – Emeritus (CKDE) designation in recognition of his leadership and commitment to the industry. Schedule permitting, he continues to travel to 2-3 NKBA Chapters each year.

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What is the story behind Bob and the Tiger?

Many of Bob’s readers have seen the picture of him wrestling a tiger (on bottom of page) and asked about it.

Like many of us, when Bob was going to College, he worked to pay his way. One of the positions he had with a home show promoter, was to host special guests such as Playboy’s Miss April 1963.

The picture of Bob and the Tiger was taken on his 21st birthday, when he was engaged to work with a 400-pound Bengal Tiger and do daily shows at the Edmonton Home Show. Bob learned first hand how to work co-operatively with a larger, more powerful force and the value of being prepared. He also learned first hand the value of persuasion and a more gentle approach to leadership and teamwork working with GT.

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What is the story behind Bob being an Idea Farmer?

Bob now has a creative office where he lives part of the year in the Northern Prairies just outside Edmonton, Alberta. He frequently sits in on coffee chats with some of the local farmers. A year or two after he moved his offices to the country, he began to recognize parallels between what he did and what the local farmers did. He has to work the land (potential clients) to prepare for a successful seeding of ideas, he needs to fertilize and care for them until ready for harvest and then needs to work to harvest and bring them to market.

Sowing his ideas (presentations and publications) has brought him some amazing results, recognition and success over the years. This term reminds him to he needs to keep farming if he wants to continue providing solid value to his clients and readers. He is committed to assisting his clients and readers in growing their leadership, career and organization, profitably to the next level. Engage his creative services today!

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Why does Bob call himself a Creative Catalyst and how does that apply to selling?

A catalyst is an agent of change – something happens when a catalytic agent is in place and Bob is fully committed to being a creative catalyst for his readers and audiences. When you are effective in the selling field you act as a catalyst to help the client. He regularly challenges them to re-visit, re-examine and re-frame their belief systems, ideas, processes and ways of looking and doing things. This is the essence of what makes him so valuable to his clients… he gently pushes them outside their comfort zone to grow to the next level. Call now to engage his creative mind and put his Ideas At Work! for your team or event.

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What about learning guides and handouts?

Bob will provide customized learning guides or handouts for your group. These pdf masters will be sent to you at least two weeks prior to the event for your duplication. Our suggestion is to over print 10-15% of estimated attendance. It is better to have some left over, than have people not getting one, as that reflects badly on both the speaker and the organizer. In the event of Bob using a power point presentation, it will be emailed to you at the same time so you can arrange to have it loaded and ready to use when he arrives.

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Can we buy advance quantities of Bob’s books for our attendees?

Of course! Bob has authored 10 business, sales, leadership and career building books, 4 success systems, a mini-book series and a new series of e-books to assist his clients and audiences reach their potential and actualize their dreams. Bob has written 3 books with a focus on helping selling professionals maximize their potential and earn more. Many of Bob’s programs are drawn from and support his writing.

We can make bulk purchases available for your group, and can even customize the inside cover, if given enough lead-time for printing and shipping. Visit Life Design Systems - Success Publications for more information on his leadership, career and business development success publications and materials.

Check into Bob's Conference & Meeting Gift Program to reinforce and enhance your audience's experience.

Special orders will be invoiced when we have worked out details. This is with the understanding that payment of this invoice will be made upon receipt prior to production of publication, if customized; or prior to shipping, if stock order.

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Does Bob offer his services and products for sale at events where he speaks?

Yes! Wherever possible, Bob brings along specific publications that relate and reinforce his session topic. He does this on request of his clients and audience members. He does this to reinforce your investment in your team and to respond to repeated requests for materials. Audience members often get special event only pricing and bonus materials. If you will provide the staff to host the resource table, Bob is pleased to rebate a portion of the proceeds to your non-profit group, or a charity of your choice (if a corporate client).

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What do you need from us?

Your confidence and support, as we work together toward our agreed goals and learning outcomes. Your commitment to having fun and focus on helping people grow and succeed. In addition to your organization’s leaders and key players, Bob would like access and contact information to at least 5-10 people representing a cross section of those people who will actually be in the room.

Bob’s continued success is built on building relationships and finding out in advance, what people in his audiences need; and then endeavoring to give it to them in an easy to understand and apply method.

At the successful completion of our time together, Bob would appreciate a letter of reference or a usable quote. Another group, just like yours, may appreciate learning of your experience and this will help them decide to engage Bob for their team.

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Why should we engage Bob for our next sales meeting, training session or conference event?

Each event is unique, as is each organization. Our suggestion would be to think seriously about the outcomes you want from your event, and what type of speaker and experience you feel would best help you deliver those outcomes.

Bob has a wide range of rich experience in sales, leadership, retail, manufacturing, marketing, food service management, and association management. (Over 29 years.) He has invested the time to write from his expertise to share his ideas, and to offer ways to reinforce his Ideas At Work! Bob has continually been an industry leader in each aspect of his career path, and has diligently and carefully honed his success skills and learning to do so. He has consistently earned the respect and support of his peers for his professionalism, integrity and dedication to service.

His humorous, conversational and sometimes provocative style continues to inspire and challenge his audiences across North America and his readership around the world.

Should you engage Bob to assist you in creating and delivering a successful event, (and he hopes you will), he will work diligently on your behalf, to deliver the objectives you envisioned.

He will work tirelessly, to make you look good with your peers and those who attend. Bob will make himself part of your ‘planning’ team and an active partner in your success.

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Why take the risk?

Protect your conference investment – leverage your training dollars. Call now to explore how to engage Canadian Motivational association, business, leadership keynote speaker and leadership, sales, management trainer, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey and his innovative Ideas At Work! for your company, convention, or association. E-mail us for more information.

Call: 1-888-848-8407 (Client Toll Free North America)

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The success of your company or organization depends on the honed abilities of your teams to better serve and better sell your prospective clients.

Just as investing in product or service training is important to the launch of your new hires, so is investing in the motivation and ongoing education of your more seasoned professionals.

Engaging Bob to share his Ideas At Work! with your team can also pay a good ROI in better sales, increased morale, better retention and higher profits.

Call Bob today to explore dates and topics of interest to the success of your sales teams.

1-888-848-8407 (toll free US & Canada)


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