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Secret Selling Tips

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Secret Selling Tips
is a bi-weekly, web-based sales success program designed to provide simple, strategic, systematic inspiration and information, with easily applied business and sales building tips, selling techniques and sales tools directly to your selling team. Equip and motivate your selling team to profitably grow and succeed!

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How to succeed in getting the most from your investment

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"Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant;
but in reality, they are the most important things in life."

James Allen (author, As A Man Thinketh)

Our objective in creating this web-based service to assist those in the field of selling is to encourage and educate you so you become more effective in your role, have more fun, and make more money. If you are in sales leadership, we can help you equip and motivate your sales teams to grow, be more productive and have more fun in the selling game.

To do that, we designed this bi-weekly program to be simple, strategic, and systematic.

Every two weeks we send you a few ideas, tips, techniques and tools to help equip and motivate you. We want you to succeed in selling! Your investment in time is the critical one. Invest wisely and you will see your career soar and your earnings even more so. The investment in money pales by comparision. These tips are gleaned from some of the top selling professionals across time and they work.

However, simple and successful as they are,
they will not work 'unless' you do.

We designed them to be read in less than 3 minutes, with small bite sized pieces to nibble on from time to time between issues.

  • Want to succeed in selling?
  • Want to make more money?
  • Want to get more out of life?
  • Want to gain respect and increased recognition?
  • Want to earn repeat business and get your customers telling your story?

Whatever your goal, it is important to realize it will be attained only when you strategically and systematically work towards its achievement. If you want to be successful, you need to know a few things:

  • You are what you do on a daily basis.
  • As they say, "first you form your habits and then they form you". Choose wisely.
  • Decide to form positive, constructive, success building habits.
  • The process is more important than the event itself.
  • Be willing to endure some short term pain for long term gain.
  • Don't wait for inspiration, do it today!

Point to Ponder:

"Do not be afraid of greatness."

William Shakespeare

Each day, we become what we 'think' about the most and what we reinforce by our actions. We tend to follow our mental focus!

1. Invest a few minutes as you read each issue to reflect and see where what is talked about impacts or fits with what you are 'currently' doing in your selling process. Do an audit of the basics, to see if you haven't been skipping a few or cutting corners because you've been doing it for a while. Skipping steps is normally the cause of a sales slump or ineffective results in conversions or closing ratios.

2. Invest a few more minutes reading some of the additional materials and articles with the same purpose in mind. Ask yourself, "Where does it fit for me?"

3. Check out the recommended books or other tools. Perhaps you will choose to invest in some for yourself so you can highlight and make notes; or ask your co-workers to chip in and add to your store or office success library.

4. Talk about what you are learning with your co-workers and manager. Ask for help where necessary. Brainstorm ideas on how to 'best' apply what you are learning. Set some strategies in place so each of you reinforces the other in your commitment to become more effective and make more money.

5. Work on one area for improvement at a time. Research has proven this is the most effective way of creating and sustaining growth and improvement in any area of study or skill.

Hint: Go back and re-read previous Secret Selling Tips. You'll be amazed how much you pick up on the second and third reading. Act on them!

"Always aim higher that you believe you can reach. So often, you'll discover that when your talents are set free by your imagination, you can achieve any goal." Edmund O'Neill





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