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“Bob’s inspiring dialogue and insight provides for an entertaining session of fun and education”.

Daryl Meyer, B.Sc. C.A.I.B. Meyer's Insurance Ltd.
Sherwood Park, AB

"What a great conference.

It was a great pleasure meeting with you at the Ritz Carlton, Cancun and I shall look forward to hopefully welcoming you and your family in Dublin, Ireland someday."

A. Paul Ryan, Petronva Corporation, Dublin, Ireland

Secret Selling Tips author and creator, Bob Hooey will help you engage, equip and motivate your sales teams and their leaders to grow, make more money and win in the selling game., “Dear Bob;

Just thought that you might want to include our review of your presentation in your bio.

We here at the NKBA Northern NJ Chapter were delighted with your light-hearted way of making the information easily accepted.

Challenging the attendees with an interactive question was also very engaging. We hope to see you again the near future in one of your other topics.”

Nancy Stern,
VP Programming
NKBA Northern NJ Chapter


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"As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I have seen many speakers present in the last 12 months around the world. Bob "Idea man" Hooey is one of the most outstanding speakers I have seen and worked with. He truly walks his talk and is a fountain of ideas and innovation in his presentation on stage and in his dealings off stage. I recommend Bob to anyone who is seeking a dynamic speaker who will bring something interesting, thought provoking and fun every time he gets up to speak."

Lindsay Adams CSP

President, Global Speakers Federation 2009-2010

Bob's passion is helping people enhance their lives, careers, and their companies. Bob's innovative Ideas At Work! have been successfully applied by tens of thousands of sales leaders and selling professionals around the world and have been proven in the enhanced sales skills and productivity of their sales staff, employees and co-workers. He is one of Software Sales Journal's best read contributing writers for 2007-2011.

Bob’s "Sales Leaders' Success"
Innovative, Results-based Program Ideas

In addition to his inspirational and challenging motivational keynotes, Bob provides these results-based sales training programs. Click on the "program title" to get additional information. Call now to book Bob for your next event!

Bob works with leading edge business owners, independent professionals and sales people who want to profitably enhance their sales careers, and organizations that want to remain competitive, empower their sales staff, improve client acquisition, increase sales and become more profitable.

Thousands of sales leaders and sales professionals across North America have been successfully applying Bob’s creative, practical and ‘profitable’ Ideas At Work! over the past decade.

We offer a number of sales courses accredited by the Alberta Insurance Council. Check for yourself how you can easily earn the credit hours you need.

Engage Bob to equip and motivate your sales team to grow and succeed in the selling game! Check here for information on Bob's Motivational Keynote Presentations.

Programs can be delivered as conference breakouts, sales workshops, retreats, management training, as well as general session formats to serve you better.

"You are a dynamic speaker and you provided us with many ideas for making our business's more successful with your presentation of "Unlock Your Business Potential." The comments we received from the meeting were very positive. Many especially found it useful to record some key points on the postcard and will look forward to receiving it prior to your next session."
Barb Nicholl, Woman's AM

Call today, to discuss how we can customize a "sales leaders' success" focused training program especially for your team.
Call 1-888-848-8407 Client Toll Free (USA & Canada).

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Secrets of personal leadership: The Courage to Lead! (Change)

Lead by example and bring out the best in your sales team!

Whether your sales field is industry, hospitality, marketing, association management or agriculture, we all need to deal with the changes and challenges that rise up, such a business reversal, a sales drought, unexpected storm or the after-effects of 9-11. Being on the leading edge in any sales field or endeavor requires continuous and directed growth. This focused sales team development session, led by a respected and proven sales leader, will rekindle your fires of ambition and achievement and provide the strategic ideas and fuel needed to achieve them.

Outline specific techniques, ideas, and innovative sales tools to equip and prepare yourself to inspire and to lead your organization to thrive and change to successfully meet the unique challenges of the 21st century. Enhanced performance is built on a commitment to personal leadership.

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Secret Selling Tips: Secrets Top Selling Professionals Use to Work Smarter, Make More Money, and Have More Fun.

Equip and motivate your leaders and their sales teams to make more money and win in the selling game!

How would a 10 to 50% increase in sales impact your top and bottom line? Would it impact your sales performance? Would it make your company more competitive and profitable? Learning and applying these simple, strategic secrets gleaned from generations of selling professionals will energize and motivate your sales managers and their sales teams to profitably grow and to succeed in the selling game.

Visit Secret Selling Tips website for more information on Bob's innovative internet based motivational training program to support this presentation.

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Secrets of Time Mastery: I'm Already Running As Fast As I Can!

Get what you want and still have a life. How to sell and live well.

Today's sales people, executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, employees, as well as their families are over-committed and over-whelmed. Increase your personal and professional sales productivity, build in flexibility to balance your time more effectively. Explore practical ideas and innovative, use-immediately techniques that free up time for the important people and activities in your life, as well as increase your sales time too. Recognize and minimize your time wasters - the ones that are costing you sales and money. Recapture your idle time for productive sales use. Schedule your priorities to regain your balance and increase your sales achievements.

This session will energize, educate and empower your sales team to profitably grow, sell more, and succeed!

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Secrets of Creativity and Innovation: Why Didn't I 'THINK' Of That?

Applied creativity, strategic planning, innovative problem solving secrets, and sales techniques

Your ability to remain competitive in sales draws from your ability to solve your client’s problems. Apply specific ideas, creative tips, techniques, and innovative problem-solving models for sales, business, career, and personal success. Begin tapping into your creative genius. Discover new styles of applied idea generation to drive your sales and better serve your customers. Explore new sales management and creativity tools as well as innovative sales ideas for your career, business or organization. View problems as opportunities to grow and change the way you live or do business. View problems as selling opportunities. Set and apply 'workable' ideas and strategies for success for your sales career or organization. Observation combined with application provide an innovative foundation for growth in any field.

Become the creative catalyst needed for change in your sales career and organization’s success. Inventing the future – Ideas At Work!

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Secrets of Creating ‘TIME’ to Sell, Lead or Manage

Successfully create more face-to-face time for the sales and marketing process for mutually profitable, long-term relationships.

  • How much would a 25-50% increase in potential sales bring to your bottom line?
  • Would it pay to invest time learning how to systematically increase your productivity?
  • Would it pay to invest time building customer loyalty and productive partnerships?
  • How would you or your sales force invest an additional 1-2 hours per day?

This interactive, idea-rich, sales driven program, challenges you to systemize and prioritize your selling activities and implement streamlined processes to free-up productive time for the face-to-face sales and marketing process. Focus on results-oriented ideas, which allow you to redefine and accomplish your priorities, increase your productivity, and dramatically increase your sales results by building repeat business. It’s about working less, not just smarter! Make more money in less time – with a better sales and management system to enhance and sustain your sales growth and performance over the long term!

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Secrets of EFFECTIVE Customer Service

Millennium Management Tips to move your sales career or company to the next level.

This is a sales secret of the superstars and great for building for long-term, profitable relationships. Business, sales, success and survival in the 21st century increasingly depends on your ability to define, anticipate and exceed changing customer needs. A novel idea! Your ability to recruit, service and retain (sell) your customers will determine your sustainable success. Transform customer complaints into new business and long-term sales growth opportunities. Easily convert customers into loyal fans, evangelists, champions, and repeat buyers! Explore exciting new sales ideas to build customer loyalty and provide for continued profitable growth.

Apply field-proven, innovative sales focused ideas on customer service, product development, sales staff training and effective promotion to grow your sales career or company to the next level.

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Secrets to Unleash Your 'Sales' (Business) Potential

How to Out-think, Out-perform and Out-market your competition! Out-sell them too!

If you want your sales team to be energized and challenged with new ideas and success techniques, this sales focused program will help re-awaken their desires and goals. Learn and apply the three C's of success - everyday! Recruit the Champions, Coaches and Cheerleaders needed for your personal and professional sales success. Apply specific innovative techniques to hone your competitive sales advantage. Leverage the secret of intelligent networking in building strategic alliances. Use new ‘Cross Promotion’ and partnering techniques to facilitate more effective sales and marketing. Create promotional tools and sales systems to enhance your success in the marketplace. Harness the brainpower of your own Sales Success Team... and more!

This is an engaging session that will help profitably explode your business or sales career.

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Secrets of Speaking For Success

A primer for interpersonal communications and powerful presentation skills. Stories sell, facts tell - and you can sell it better!

Your ability to succeed in life, sales, or business is leveraged on your ability to effectively communicate your ideas orally or in writing. Your ability to climb the sales or corporate ladder is directly dependent on honing these communication skills. This pro-active sales focused program, led by an award-winning, internationally accredited speaker and Canadian Sales expert, can give you solid skills and the understanding of what it takes to be an effective and successful communicator. Enhance your communication abilities and increase sales by applying proven ideas and success tools.

Uncover innovative ideas and secrets from North America's finest communicators, sales, and speaking professionals. Overcome your fear of speaking, presenting, or selling; and tap into your real power to connect and persuade an audience, team, or customer to follow your lead and trust you with the order. Discover how to accurately organize and powerfully convey your thoughts to help your customer buy from you! Explore how to dramatically increase your chances of being promoted, increase sales, and enhance your career. Successfully apply your enhanced communication skills as leadership, sales and negotiation tools.

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Secrets of Thinking Beyond the FIRST Sale

The secret to profitable sustainable sales growth is in thinking 'beyond' the first sale to creating and nurturing the long-term mutually profitable relationships.

Success in a sales based environment has changed over the past two decades. Those who succeed do so by understanding and working toward the life time value and leverage of their customers. Set specific goals to create momentum and sales growth. Leverage your time for increased face-to-face customer interaction and increased sales. Learn how to create engaging and emotional reasons for people to buy from you and attract more customers through cross promotion. Learn 25 tactical pre-call questions and those questions that help mutually close the deal. Engage the customer in creating the solution they need and will buy. Apply proactive sales focused steps to avoid price objections.

Generate increased sales by asking the right questions to the right (ideal) customers. Specific sales and strategic tips to enhance your sales and increase your profits. Get great product reviews and generate repeat sales and business by turning customers into fans and champions.

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For your information:

  • In addition to the above innovative sales training programs, Bob offers leadership training and executive coaching. Call for more information.
  • He offers additional programs (not listed above) as in-house or on-going training on a local or contract basis. Call for more information.
  • He also has professional development sales courses accredited by the Alberta Insurance Council for that industry.

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Meeting Planners and Sales Managers:
To ensure your success and achieve the results you want, please note.

Customized keynotes also available.

  • Sales Success Training Programs will be tailored to meet your team needs and time requirements.
  • Companion workbooks, success systems, and resource materials are available for all programs.
  • Idea filled sales articles and newsletters are available to reinforce program materials.

Bob has created a special meeting planner website to help you host and plan a successful event. (Click on link to get your own pdf guide.)

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"I am pleased to recommend Bob Hooey to any organization looking for a charismatic, confident keynote speaker and seminar leader. I have seen Bob in action on several occasions, and he is ALWAYS on! Bob has the ability to grab his audience's attention and keep it.

Quite simply, if Bob is involved - your motivational keynote program or corporate training seminar is guaranteed to succeed."

Maurice Lavigne, Coordinator Training and Development, London Drugs


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