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Leverage Bob's expertise to help make this sales dream a reality for you and your sales team!
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"I know, as do all of those that I work with at Chapters, just how indebted we are to you.

You have made it possible for me to provide a program that is of real benefit to the public - and you have made the task of organizing and implementing this program pure pleasure.”

Suzy Okun,
Event Coordinator
Chapters/Indigo Bookstores

Bob's motivational keynotes will...
Canadian sales author and expert, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey can help equip and motivate your leaders and their sales teams to grow and succeed.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

His provocative ideas will challenge the way you think and inspire the way you act! He will challenge you to grow and to win!


  • Engage your mind
  • Challenge your will
  • Touch your heart
  • Nurture your spirit
  • Tickle your funny bone
  • Equip your leaders and their sales teams to grow and to win in the selling game!
  • Engage your audience
  • Enrich your sales career, leadership, organization and business

Bob is committed to your growth and excellence, not your comfort. To get to the winner's zone, we must move outside our comfort zone.

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) earlier this year at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Bob spoke recently in Toronto at Motivational Monday's - view his performance here.

"As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I have seen many speakers present in the last 12 months around the world. Bob "Idea man" Hooey is one of the most outstanding speakers I have seen and worked with. He truly walks his talk and is a fountain of ideas and innovation in his presentation on stage and in his dealings off stage. I recommend Bob to anyone who is seeking a dynamic speaker who will bring something interesting, thought provoking and fun every time he gets up to speak."

Lindsay Adams CSP

President, Global Speakers Federation 2009-2010

Bob's passion is focused on helping you and your team grow and perform better. Whether it is leadership, sales, or teamwork, Bob can help.

Email him or call today (Cell: 780-707-0189) and experience his Ideas At Work!

Bob's creative, challenging, inspirational, and motivational keynotes help lead you and your sales teams to new paths for success in the selling game.

Secret Selling Tips: Equip and motivate your sales teams to make more money and win in the selling game!
  • How would a 10 to 50% increase in sales impact your top and bottom lines?
  • Would it impact your sales performance?
  • Would it make your company more competitive and profitable?

Learning and applying these simple, strategic secrets gleaned from generations of leading selling professionals will energize and motivate your sales managers and their sales teams to profitably grow and to succeed in the selling game. Equip your sales teams to become sale leaders. He is one of Software Sales Journal's best read contributing writers for 2007-2008.

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In the Company of Leaders!: How to lead and create a culture of personal leadership and responsibility with your sales teams.

Successful leaders in all industries have come to realize their primary role is to recruit, prepare, and power up other leaders. Lead your sales organization to a more productive and profitable level. Engage these proven ideas and techniques to equip and motivate your sales 'leaders' to take personal leadership responsibility and succeed in the selling game.

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The Power of One! Yes, YOU do make a difference.

When you dare to follow your beliefs and take personal responsibility for your own life – you impact everyone around you. That kind of positive personal leadership has a ripple effect that changes the world. That’s how communities, companies, and entire countries are transformed. Entire industries have been created by one person who dared to take personal leadership. This is why the greatest men and women throughout time are remembered in history books. The fact is, you can, do and will make a difference. All that remains to be answered is, ‘What difference do you want to make?’ That’s the Power of ONE! That’s the Power of You!

NOTE: Bob shared this 'Powerful' message at the Toastmasters International Convention Leadership Luncheon held on August 15th, 2008.

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Building Bridges - Not Walls!: Leadership, sales, career, and business success are each built on mutually productive relationships.

The power of applied leadership, teamwork and vision, coupled with the inspiration of cheerleaders, coaches and champions, can create miracles. This inspiring keynote challenges your leadership and your teams to reach out and reach up in setting and surpassing their goals and dreams. Long term success is built on long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Big Dreams - Small Steps!: You can achieve and live your dream! You can be a million dollar sales person, and more.

Every million dollar sales professional starts with a dream. Every successful sales team builds on the strength and dreams of its leaders. Every successful enterprise began as a dream, an idea if you will, in the mind of its founder. Building a successful sales career,organization, or company is laid on the twin foundations of vision and strategic application.

We must first dream big dreams which inspire us to action. We then follow those dreams with strategic action steps to see the dream become a reality. Leaders in a multitude of industries and professions have successfully used these skills to recruit, build and inspire winning teams.

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"I still get comments from people about your presentation. Only a few speakers have left an impression that lasts that long. You hit a spot with the tourism people."
Janet Bell, Yukon Economic Forums

Bob's audiences continue to be inspired and challenged by his humorous, conversational and 'sometimes' provocative speaking style with business, sales leaders, and career enhancement success training programs and motivational keynotes.

Contact us today and start succeeding tomorrow:
(780) 736-0009


Note to Sales Managers and Meeting Planners:

  • Customized keynotes and programs also available, just ask.
  • Keynotes Programs will be tailored to meet your audience needs and time requirements. Companion workbooks, success systems, and resource materials are available for the majority of Bob's programs.
  • Idea filled articles and newsletters are available to reinforce keynote programs.
  • Bob has created a special webpage to help you host and plan a successful event. (Click on this link to gain access)

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"Thank you Bob, it is always a pleasure to see a true professional at work. You have made the name "Speaker" stand out as a truism - someone who encourages people to examine their lives and make adjustments. The personal stories you shared with your audience made such a great impression on everyone. The comments indicated you hit people right where it is important - in their hearts. Each of those in your audience took away a new feeling of personal success and encouragement."
Sherry Knight, Dimension Eleven Human Resources and Communications

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"Bob is an absolutely fabulous speaker that delivers heart touching messages with humor and passion."

Janice Weir
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