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Welcome to your Secret, 'Members Only' Vault. We have created this exclusive, 'hidden' section which is available'only' to paid Secret Selling Tips subscriber members via Secret Selling Tips issues or your company archive. We will be adding to this 'members only' vault from time to time, so come back often.

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My personal gift to your Quantum Success in selling and in life.

In 2006 I worked with 85 top North American Authors to produce this 3 volume Quantum Success series in support of Laura's Hope. I want you to have access to it for your own growth and success.

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E-books, forms, and publications I've found to informative or interesting enough to keep in my files. Provided for your education and illumination only. Not for distribution, under any circumstances.
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Msc Secrets to come in next while... so check back often.

Bienvenue au Coffre-fort réservé aux membre. Nous avons créé cette section exclusive et « cachée » réservée aux membres, qui peuvent y accéder à chaque édition des Trucs de Ventes Secrets ou avec la section Archives. Nous ajouterons des trésors à ce coffre-fort régulièrement, alors venez y jeter un coup d'oeil assez souvent. À ce moment, le coffre-fort ne contient que des éléments en anglais. Si nous en trouvons en français, nous les y mettrons bien sûr.

Terms of Use:

  • Secret Selling Tips vault items are for your 'personal' viewing and reading purposes only.
  • They are 'not' to be stored, shared or otherwise distributed outside the company, or to other non-subscribers, period!
  • They are exclusively for 'you'. Your fellow sales team members can access and read their own personal copies.
  • Many of these items are from our 'personal' files and are shared 'ONLY' for your reading and informational use. Similar to the scenario where you came to visit me and I lend you something to read. Many are exclusive gifts from other experts. Please respect and honor their generosity in sharing them with you for your personal use and professional growth.
  • We encourage you to discuss and brainstorm with your respective sales teams using the knowledge you glean from reading your bi-weekly Secret Selling Tips, additional articles and the Secrets you experience in this vault.
  • We invite you to tell your colleagues to subscribe for their own copies.

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